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Private Equity + Venture Capital



We help people with great ideas create great companies.

4D Capital is a US-based investment firm focused on innovative Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Commercial Real Estate investing.

As company builders turned investors, we know the pre-IPO landscape from all angles. We take an active role in the companies we invest in, leveraging our entrepreneurial, go-to-market, and stage expertise, and our network of expert advisors across various industries.

We fundamentally like working on large problems that are amenable to technology solutions. We invest in technology forward companies that solve large problems, steer them through a transition of rapid performance improvement, and then guide them through the M&A process. This strategy, which embodies a combination of business and investment portfolio management, is at the core of our success.

4D Capital’s primary focus is in Healthcare Technology. We invest in HealthTech companies through our $25M HC1 Fund.

With our network consisting of the brightest minds and most innovative leaders in Healthcare and HealthTech, we have access to the highest quality and most exclusive HealthTech venture opportunities and are able to dramatically impact results for our portfolio companies.